Coal tar

I have made soap with coal tar. Coal tar is used on the hair scalp/skin to treat dandruff, eczema and other itchy skin conditions (psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis). It belongs to a class of drugs known as keratoplastics and works by causing the skin to shed dead cells from its top layer and slow down […]

Great homemade hair growth treatment.

After giving a birth I started loosing out my hair massively. In just a couple of weeks or so my hair has really thinned out and hair line is receding. The plug hole in the bath was constantly blocked and I had to hoover more than ever! I know hair loss is normal process after […]

List of toxic ingredients.

Usually we think that if we spend more money for lipstick or other beauty products we get better quality. Unfortunately,  most of the time its not true. Please check your cosmetics and other products! You will be shocked. Toxic chemicals: Propylene glycol Sodium hydroxide Sodium laureth sulfate DEA/MEA/TEA Polyethylene glycol DMDM/UREA Mineral oil Triclozan Parabens […]