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New pictures are coming

This is how mums are working. Few days ago Victoria did photoshoot that means I am going to update pictures of my soap soon. Yeaahhh cant wait. Sorry for bad quality of pics, I am still using iphone 3…well yea I know….boring… [symple_divider style=”solid” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″]

Oats are a fabulous breakfast for our skin :)

I really enjoy oats in the mornings because they make me feel toasty warm and full. Also remind me of my country and childhood. On top of that recently I found out that oats are actually considered to be one of nature’s most fabulous aphrodisiacs. Really? I am not sure about sexual aspects, however oats […]

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Seaweed Laminaria is packed with vitamins…

Lets talk about seaweeds today.:) I made a beautiful seaweed and cloves soap  with a fishy smell ))) I know fragrance is not really atractive, however seaweed does a great effect on a skin. Seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids that are essential in maintaining healthy and youthful skin. This […]

Soapmaking workshop

Few days ago I have taught my first soap making class!!! There are no worlds to explain how I was excited about and even prepared everything a months before)))) Recently  I have noticed that after I became a mom many things had changed in my life in a good way. It is not only a […]

Christmas Gift £9.50

We’re about at the middle of October.  Soon enough we will have fall weather around and before you know it, Christmas will be here again. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas and gifts. Simply luxurious this soap set idea makes lovely gifts for anyone during Christmas holiday. Each bag contains three English classic fragrances: […]

Anti-eczema soap

Ingredients: neem oil, coconut oil, water, olive oil and lye. Neem oil is not used for cooking purposes. In India and Pakistan, it is used for preparing cosmetics (soap, hair products, body hygiene creams, hand creams) and in Ayurvedic (Indian medicine), Unani and folklore traditional medicine, in the treatment of a wide range of afflictions. […]

About neem oil.

Neem is the most powerful blood- purifiers and detoxifiers in Ayurvedic usage. It cools the fever and clears the toxins involved in most inflammatory skin diseases or found in ulcerated mucous membranes. It is powerful febrifuge, effective in malaria and other intermittent and periodic fevers (in which case it is usually used with black pepper […]