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Life is full of stress and tiring, but we should all make time for a special treat and relaxation. It can be range of different ways like sport, holidays, meditation etc. The bathroom is the perfect place to start with. Through my life experience I have got some knowledge about herbs from my grandmother in Russia and information from Ayurvedic books, on top of that I never stop topping up myself with different information about soap, essential oils and herbs. The desire to craft things by myself and little creation help me to start making soap in my kitchen for family and friends; in addition to switch it on for a sale after a while.

The soap is basically reaction between oils and lye. My soaps are made using the cold process method, pure vegetable with natural colouring. Cold process making means all ingredients are never heated above 80 degrees centigrade in order to keep the natural glycerine of oils. For colouring I use natural dyes like berries, herbs, coffee or seaweeds. This is what makes the product so moisturising and aromatic to achieve an overall feeling of being as well as pampering the skin and the senses.

Soap with a smile is handmade soap made using 100% vegetable natural ingredients like herbs, spice, vegetables and oils in environmentally-friendly, recycled packaging. All natural ingredients make my soaps so moisturising and aromatic. They are suitable for all types of skin including those dry and sensitive types, give soft and nourished skin every day.

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