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Basic Care during Eczema

There are some basic guidelines to be followed when a person has eczema (most of them according to Indian medicine Ayurveda). • Find out the allergic factor that is causing the eczema and remove it completely from the environment. If the eczema is due to an ingredient in the diet, then abstain from that particular […]

В Лондон приезжает Р. Нарушевич.

О Боги, к нам едет Р. Нарушевич. Три дня будет читать лекцию. Очень рада, что до меня дошла эта информация. Тем кто живет в Лондоне, вот сайт, на котором есть ифно о мероприятии atmaland.co.uk (не получается поставить ссылку по техническим причинам). Если все будет хорошо, то можно будет приобрести там и мое мыльце. Принесу самое […]

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Sesame seeds/oil

Recently, I had noticed the positive effect of sesame oil on my skin, so I have looked in my fav book and see what I have found. Sesame seeds are a rejuvenative tonic for Vata constitution and for the bones and teeth. The black seeds are as they contain higher amounts of solar energy. A […]

About neem oil.

Neem is the most powerful blood- purifiers and detoxifiers in Ayurvedic usage. It cools the fever and clears the toxins involved in most inflammatory skin diseases or found in ulcerated mucous membranes. It is powerful febrifuge, effective in malaria and other intermittent and periodic fevers (in which case it is usually used with black pepper […]

Turmeric: Spice of Life.

In Indian medicine (Ayurveda) turmeric is called Spice of Life. Internally or externally, the most special use of Turmeric is that it is skin food: it purifies and nourishes the blood and skin so that the glow of health is not attenuated by blemishes and impurities but rather amplified through clarity. The classic way to […]

Ayurvedic books

Modern authors • Frawley, David. Ayurvedic Healing. 2nd ed., Lotus Press: Twin Lakes, WI, 2000. • Frawley, David, and Vasant Lad. The Yoga of Herbs. Lotus Press: Santa Fe, 1986. • Lad, Vasant. Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing. Lotus Press: Santa Fe, 1984. • Lad, Usha and Dr. Vasant. Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing. 2nd ed. […]