Cold process soap making workshop

Finally, for the last couple weeks I have had two cold process soap making workshops. To be hones it was one of my New Year’s resolutions this year. And here we go….I am over the moon with process, students and result.

Cold Process soap making workshop is a fun and very informative hours of hands-on experience. For all participants was great to have an understanding of the technical aspects to soap-making before we started, then introduction to the health and safety and of course touch of all ingredients. I guess this is the most popular part, when you can smell, touch and even eat your ingredientsJ.

The small number of students (I took only three girls at time) helped them to be able to try their hands at everything and I was able to move between them to assist when it needed.

In the end of the day each student took a mould with soap (500-600 gr) and by this time already have cut it into few beautiful pieces. So after 4-6 week soap can be used.

Of course it is great addition to any girly party or event. For more information please contact me on


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