About neem oil.

Neem is the most powerful blood- purifiers and detoxifiers in Ayurvedic usage. It cools the fever and clears the toxins involved in most inflammatory skin diseases or found in ulcerated mucous membranes. It is powerful febrifuge, effective in malaria and other intermittent and periodic fevers (in which case it is usually used with black pepper and gentian).

Neem can be taken whenever a purification or reduction program is indicated. It clears away all foreign and excess tissue, and possesses a supplementary astringent action that promotes healing. Yet it should be used with discretion where these is severe fatigue or emaciation. In medicated oil, it is one of the best healing and disinfectant agents for skin diseases, and anti-inflammatory agent for joint and muscle pain.

I use neem in soap for your pet and anti -eczema soap also.

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