Oatmeal and Vanilla


Oats are an incredible natural beauty enhancer. They soothe skin while reducing inflammation. Inflammation is one of the number one causes of premature aging, and while it all starts on the inside, reducing outer inflammation is also necessary for gorgeously radiant skin.

Because oats are slightly rough, they are one of nature’s most amazing exfoliates. They soften the skin, making it super duper silky smooth. Oats have actually been clinically shown to help heal dry, itchy skin.


Speaking of dry itchy skin, many people who suffer from eczema and other skin problems say that an oatmeal bath totally sorts them out! They are totally hypoallergenic unlike many of the ingredients that are given to people who have eczema by doctors.

On top of that oats can soothe chicken pox, mosquito bites, and dry skin (caused by excessive central heating, pollution, busy cities etc.) They soothe mild burns, any type of irritated skin.

Ingredients: saponified oils of  coconut oil, cocoa butter,  and castor oil,  water, oatmeal and vanilla fragrance oil.